Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Photos from Amsterdam

Very early morning arrival in Amsterdam Schipol airport.

Early morning in the streets of Amsterdam. The slight lean on the buildings is not an optical illusion and not due to the camera angle. Amsterdam is all built on marshy ground and as far as I can see, subject to imminent collapse into the mud.

Waiting outside the apartment for the agent. Ours is the one to the right of the red doors. Note all the bikes.

One of many canals. Pronounced "cay-nells" or alternatively (if they're not nearby) "far canals". That's hilarious after a few days in Amsterdam.

One of many windmills.

One of many coffeeshop visits. Note the name of the shop behind the window. You know you're in Amsterdam when.

Amsterdam tram. Pretty much the same as the Melbourne variety, but a little more reliable.

Building site near the Van Gogh museum. The crane is dropping part of the new building's foundation, which is a steel girder about 5 storeys high. This is what it takes to get buildings on a solid footing.


Spoon said...

Sure they have windmills, lots of bikes and pretty flowers... but where, where I ask you, do they make balloons?