Saturday, 29 March 2008

Games Rating Redux

The Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG . . . no really . . . it's called SCAG . . . tee-hee) met yesterday, to discuss the introduction of an R-rating for video games in Australia.

Surprise, surprise, they failed to reach agreement. South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is continuing his stubborn opposition to the proposal.

To me, Atkinson's immovability is a clear case of government overstepping its charter, and making decisions for the people that the people should be making for themselves.

The happy news is that the majority of SCAG agrees with me. The outcome of yesterday's meeting was that there will be a public consultation on the issue. In some form or other.

I can predict the results of that consultation already. The last time the public was asked, in a 2005 Bond University study, the public was resoundingly in favour of the proposal.

Of course, whether it translates into a legislative change is an entirely separate question.