Monday, 28 April 2008

Rolling Deafness

Something very strange is happening in my head.

It's not in my brain or in my mind or anything even vaguely existential like that. It's actually in my head.

A gluggy mass of mucus is rolling back and forth, through my eustachian tubes, from my left ear to my right ear and back, over and over again.

The result is that I'm almost completely deaf in one ear . . . for a little while. Then it seems to get better and both ears are kind of OK. Then the hearing in my other ear slowly disappears.

This has been going on since Saturday morning. And it's really starting to get to me.

It's odd, though. I'm not really sick. The doctor looked in my ears just now and tells me there's no infection and it'll get better (although she was a little non-committal about precisely when).

But it's kind of thrown me off-balance, both literally and figuratively. And as a result, I'm very, very irritable.

So irritable that I can't even be bothered updating the blog.

So there. That's all you get.

More tomorrow. Maybe.