Friday, 30 January 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen - The Sun!It’s too darn hot.

And I make no apology for saying that.

Three days in a row of 40+ degree temperatures are enough to make anyone use words like “darn”. (That’s 104+ for our Imperial American friends).

It might not sound like much if you’re from Arizona, but we’re just not set up for this sort of crap.

The city is drooping.

We’ve got rolling blackouts across the state.

The train system is at a standstill.

And there’s no end in sight. The forecast says it’s not going to drop below 30 for another week.

What to do on a day like today?

Well, this afternoon I’ll be spending three hours sitting in a TV studio watching my sister compete in a game show.

I hope she does well.

And I really hope they have air conditioning.


Sarah said...

To be fair it was freezing in the studio.

Gary said...

Which game show?

Matt said...

The Einstein Factor.
It was great nerdy fun although I can't tell you how Sarah did.
If I do Peter Berner will personally come around and beat me up. or something.
Her episode will air on 22 March, though.