Monday, 16 March 2009

Mathematical Proof of Republican Ignorance

This time they’ve gone too far.

On Thursday, 10 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted against an official (but non-binding) resolution declaring today, March 14, 2009 (3/14/09) as Pi day.

You can read the whole sad story here.

Screwing up the world economy is one thing, but really. This is just a travesty.

It’s nothing more than a Luddite knee-capping of a noble attempt to bring an awareness of Math to the Masses.

What do we expect though, from the crowd that gave us eight years of anti-science medievalism and Sarah Palin?

Never mind. It’ll always be Pi day in our hearts.



Rob said...

Except of course that it's only Pi day to those weirdo countries that put the month before the date.

mm/dd/yyyy just doesn't make sense in my book. i'm happy with dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy//mm/dd as at least they are both progressive (and the latter is handy for sorting).
So for a true pi day, we'd need a 14th month (3/14) a 31st of april (31/4) or, even better we just wait for a bit over a thousand years for the 9th of May, 3141. (3141/5/9)

Matt said...

I actually prefer the idea of Pi day as 4 January, which contains the moment when we're exactly Pi days through the year.
The moment occurs at about 3.23 in the morning though, so I probably won't be up.

ZAROVE said...

How did the Republicans ess uo the economy? It was a Democrat controlled congress. and blamign Bush would show a great deal of ignorance since his administration warned of this six years earlier. Remember, Congress, not the president, actually regulates these affairs.

it was more Nancy Pelosi than Bush. ( and Obama can't fix it either, for the same reason.)

That said, Pi day is just silly to begin with. What else needs a day? Hypotinus day? Why not Relativity Day? Thee things may be improtant, but I dont htink they deserve a specal day of recognition.