Saturday, 18 April 2009


Look at that. Almost a week since the last post and another week back to the one before.

I’d like to claim that Life has spectacularly intruded and instead of writing about it I’m out there Living it.

Sadly it’s not true. Although I have been to some cool comedy festival shows.

This week has just been a regular work week (albeit foreshortened for Easter) and I’ve arguably had more time for such things . . . particularly as my lovely wife is off jetting between Tokyo, New York and London for work.

The culprit? Twitter. It’s a rampant and unforgiving time thief. Hours that would have been spent here researching and ranting (admittedly less of the former and more of the latter) has instead been spent Tweeting. With . . . um . . . my Tweeps.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Microblogging is its own special joy. And besides, while it’s made me less productive in this space it’s given me a renewed burst of enthusiasm for the medium in general, which was starting to wane a little.

The other plus with Twitterland is the connection to a community of cool skeptics, some of whom are minor internet celebrities (I’ll let them decide who I might be referring to) and some of whom I’ll meet in person at my first Vic Skeptics meeting on Monday night.

I’m hugely looking forward to that.

That’s enough for the moment. I’m off to do something constructive. Like watch the latest episode of Dollhouse.


Quick Joe Smith said...

And I was just about to say that at least it's stopped you making posts that criticise religion for a little while.

Matt said...

Well, yes it did.
I thought Zarove needed a break.
And I definitely needed a break from him.
We should be resuming normal programming directly. :^)

Quick Joe Smith said...

You two were destined for each other, in a small and strange kind of way. He is the validation you seem to strive for, and you provide a fertile environment for his antisocial tendencies.

Matt said...

You may have something there, Joe.
I tend to think if I'm not offending anyone (with the religious critiques) then I'm probably doing it wrong.
Having said that, I need to be careful that I'm not being a jerk just for the sake of it.

Quick Joe Smith said...

There are some that will be offended by anybody that even expresses a different viewpoint. I suppose only you know whether or not you really needed to say something to the internets, or whether you're mainly interested in putting it out there to see what comes back.

I have walked this path for a while myself. When I broke ranks with religion, I spent a lot of time (in hindsight, far too much) attacking and ridiculing it for my own validation. It starts off very liberating, but be careful you don't indulge in it for too long otherwise it has the opposite effect. At some point you have to be able to say "I'm happy with my life and who I am without knocking something else off its pedestal."

Matt said...

Thank you, Joe.
That's very good advice.