Saturday, 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson’s Greatest Role

Some will remember Michael Jackson for his music. Some will remember him for his unique style.

I choose to remember him as Captain Eo, battling the evil Supreme Leader with nothing but his ragtag team of muppets, a whole bunch of sub-Star Wars special effects and some smokin’ dance moves.

To paraphrase my friend Rob, there just aren’t enough e’s in cheesy for this.

Fun fact: the annoying elephant thing is played by Tony Cox, who went on to play the sidekick Marcus in Bad Santa.

And check out those credits! George Lucas. James Horner. And Francis Ford Coppola? Really?

Well, I guess Jack doesn’t seem like such an anomaly anymore…


Dave ~ said...

Can someone explain to me how Mr Jackson did not get an Academy Award for that performance? Really, I'm asking. It's up there with Raging Bull and On The Waterfront. Seminal.

And why, oh why wasn't Hooter nominated for best supporting actor? The guy is a genius.

I guess it comes down to politics. The Academy is all about politics. Shame really.

Matt said...

Yeah. It was up against King Kong Lives, though.
So maybe it split the vote.
Shame indeed.