Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Austraya Day

Ah, Australia Day 2010.

Lest we forget that day 222 years ago when the British took ownership of Australia’s east coast and decided it was a good place for a prison.

ThongsOf course we’ve moved beyond that (to a certain extent) and now we celebrate our national day by going to the beach, having afternoon barbecues and studiously avoiding domestic beer.

The other favourite activity (for me, at least) is being embarrassed by ostentatious displays of nationalistic pride, particularly as the past few years have a seen a resurgence of the patriotic bogan.

You know, the ones that think “Australian” is some sort of tribal name, wield the flag like gang colours and proudly display a “Fuck Off We’re Full” sticker on their Holden ute.

TattooWho doesn’t cringe inside when they see a cartoonish representation of the Southern Cross emblazoned across the torso of a guy for whom it was clearly a toss-up between that and a naked chick wrapped around a dagger?

Having said that, it’s better that the Australian-flag-under-torn-skin motif.

So on this day, let’s be cautious about our national face becoming one of hostility rather than welcome.

But let’s also remember that Australia is all about diversity.

And that even includes the dickheads who think it isn’t.


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Nicely done Matt.

Matt said...

Thanks Sean.

Ralph said...

That said, standing in line at the supery this morning, saw the guy in front of me had chosen:

1) Pre-made pav
2) Jar of cream
3) two passionfruit

all I could think was: noice.

Some things are worth celebrating, even if the day has shag all to do with where the country is today.

Rob said...

We went to an Australia Day brekkie this morning (can't beat a free Bacon and Egg sandwich). The motto for Australia Day this year is "celebrate what's great" and I think it's a good one, as it allows you to feel a bit patriotic, but only take it as far you personally want to take it. Like you say, the whole GTA:Cronulla thing really put a dampner on national pride. But being happy to be here, regardless of its faults, and regardless of what that means to others, is important, and it's a good thing to do.

n stuff.

Dave ~ said...

Just because something gets hijacked, doesn't mean, at its core, its not a worthy thing. Take Darwin - lately he's been hijacked by the loony god botherers for their own ends. It doesn't mean that his work was one of the most important books ever written and that due to his work the cloak of ignorance could finally begin to lift.

Same here. Just because the VB swilling bogans have taken it to extremes doesn't mean the rest of us can appreciate the country for its diversity and brilliance.

I blame Little Johnie - he tried to make multiculturalism a dirty word. After all, diversity had no place in his 1950's Australia.

The Nihilist said...

It's interesting how the lead up to Australia Day is filled with talk of immigration, colonisation and such. My Facebook wall was alive!

Paul Emerson Teusner said...

Well done Matt. So well worded. Preach it to the world man!

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