Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Me and a Bunch of Celebrity Heathens

In addition to all the wonderful and thought-provoking talks at this weekend’s convention, there was the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of celebrities.

Now when I say “celebrities”, I’m obviously not talking about Paris Hilton or Robert Pattinson.

I’m talking about actual people who are actually famous because they actually have something worthwhile and interesting to say.

And so I, wishing to bask in their reflected glory, wandered around and got myself photographed with them.


The very charming Catherine Deveny.Catherine Deveny

The lovely Jane Caro with The Chaser’s Julian Morrow.Jane Caro and Julian Morrow

The hilarious Lawrence Leung. (This was actually following a discussion on the finer points of Rubik’s Cube solutions).Lawrence Leung

The other Chaser in the room, Mr. Craig Reucassel.Craig Reucassel

The man I was most keen to meet, the legendary PZ Myers.PZ Myers 

 A man whom I’m convinced can make me smarter just by being in the same room, philosopher and awesome hair model A.C. Grayling.AC Grayling


The truly excellent and also none-too-shabby hair model Steve, aka NonStampCollector. (Check out his videos. They’re ace.)NonStampCollector


And finally, the one and only Sean the Blogonaut.Sean the Blogonaut

There were one or two others I sadly didn’t get a chance to meet, like Dan Barker and that strident UK biologist whose name escapes me.

Still, that’s a pretty good collection of happy snaps.

Oh, and many thanks to Jasmine (aka @purplefae) for doing the snapping!


catherineLd said...

wow! you really got around that night! ;)

Rob said...

You SO look like you are photo bombing Julian Morrow. Kind of appropriate, really.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

How did you get the picture with Sean, I heard he can be a real prick about photo's and autographs :P