Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Palace

As I write these words, the Palace in St Kilda is burning.

They've got the fire under control, but the building is likely to be destroyed.

After various council shenanigans over the last few months, it was unlikely to reopen as a live venue anyway, but this is the last nail in the coffin.

It's the end of an era, kids.


Spoon said...

I said it when it closed, and I'll say it again now. It was a poo venue.

You couldn't see the bands particularly well, it was too small for the loudness to really work, and it was always cramped.
I've seen some good bands there, but at least now I know that if a band I want to see comes to melbourne I might have a better chance of seeing them in a decent venue.

Matt said...

I will admit it's purely nostalgia making me sorry to see The Palace go.

The sad truth is, though, it's unlikely to be replaced with another live music venue. As crappy as it was, it was the only thing around doing what it did on that scale.

Now, the acts that would have played there will probably play at Festival Hall. Which is even crappier, albeit in different ways.

Budge said...

and i was never sure whether it was the venue itself or the fact that they were somehow allowed to pack people into it with shoehorns that made it a bit crap.

I saw the hunners and the oils both there, and being 'not a big deal' kind of bands, the place hadn't sold out. other than the overpriced drinks, it wasn't a bad venue. but yeah. when it was full it was shite. utterly.

Gaz said...

I saw so many good bands there, and lots of memorable PBS-related moments, but I don't feel any nostalgia for the Palace at all, strangely.