Sunday, 29 July 2007

Shiny New Job

I've got a new job.

After being in my current role for all of 8 months, I’m dipping out to do something else.

I'll be the reinsurance manager.
Not just a reinsurance manager.
The Reinsurance Manager.

What will I do you ask?
I’ll manage the reinsurance, you see.
If there's any reinsurance that needs managing, I'm your guy.

And what is reinsurance?
It's insurance for insurance companies.
It's on-selling the risk.
It's sharing the load.
It's spreading the pain.

And believe it or not, it's actually much less interesting than it sounds. That is, until you start really delving into the mathematical and statistical detail.

At which point it elevates from mind-numbingly boring to only slightly tedious.

But they’re paying me, so . . . meh.


Wiffy said...

Don't you dare play it down babe - so proud of you my gorgeous guy xx

Spoon said...

I don't want to sound disparaging, cos new job is all w00t and such... but if selling insurance to other insurance companies is "much less interesting than it sounds" then... well... Shannon, I need some help finding the right words here.

Shannon said...

My tongue is not a cocked weapon for hire.

Matt… the new job sounds great to me, I have no idea about mat’s n stats but I know you love them (freak), the more for you to delve into, the better!! Viva la Excel.

Budge said...

tres brilliant dude. well done you. The part i like most in your new job title is the word "the". that rocks. also, when people ask me what you do, I think i now have a slightly better chance of explaining it and being right at the same time.

Spoon said...

OK, so now I feel like I haven't taken it seriously.

But I did say w00t.