Thursday, 31 January 2008

Dead Pool January Update

We're one month into 2008 and already there's been a huge amount of activity in the area of celebrity mortality. Unfortunately none of it has translated into points for any of our entrants.

The month started with Britney having a very public meltdown and custody crisis. It's all gone a bit quiet now, but earlier today (Melbourne time) celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported on another media gathering at her house, and the rumour that she'd attempted suicide. We'll be watching this one closely.

On the 11th we saw the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Everest, philanthropist and all-round nice guy. Then on the 15th the world lost Brad Renfro, a young and talented actor taken way before his time.

The 17th was a tragic day for classic TV, with the passing of both Suzanne Pleshette (of The Bob Newhart Show and Will & Grace) and Allan Melvin (otherwise known as Sam the Butcher from The Brady Bunch).

On the 22nd, we were shocked by the announcement that Heath Ledger had been found dead in Mary-Kate Olsen's SoHo apartment.

On the 27th, Indonesion dictator Suharto died after suffering renal failure, and it's just been announced in the last few hours that British TV personality Jeremy Beadle has died, aged 59.

Scores in the dead pool are still nil-all. But the year is young.