Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Good News

One of my favourite shows of the 1990s, Good News Week, will be returning to TV on February 11.

Very excited, although I'm a little apprehensive about which new Channel 10 celebrities might get shoehorned in there. Kyle and Jackie-O anyone?

And in the interests of balance, some bad news:

It's been announced that New Kids on the Block are reforming.

I may be remembering this wrong, but didn't they change their name towards to end of their last career to just 'Kids on the Block'?

And shouldn't they now be 'Middle-Aged Men Desperately Seeking Credibility on the Block'?


Shannon said...

Don't worry Matt, D-Listed is reporting that the reunion is not happening. There may however be a reunion for a reality TV show where the old band members find replacements for themselves in a new NKTOB... awesome.

Is the writer's strike over yet?

Spoon said...

You'd have to call the NNKOTB wouldn't you?

It's funny you know, I was a huge fan of Good News Week, and I can't for the life of me remember the format.

Knowing Paul McDermott, who in all his TV forays since the Big Gig has not strayed from working with people he feels comfortable with, it will no doubt involve Flacko, the Umbilical brothers and the Kranski sisters, and that guy from Gud.

Having said that I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Mikey Robins on the show.

Matt said...

The format was remarkably similar to Spicks and Specks, with two teams of three, and various little quizzy-type games around the week's events.

I'm hoping to see both Mikey and Julie McCrossin back on the show. It wouldn't quite be the same without them.

Budge said...

yeah... although would that necessarily be a bad thing? i too have hazy memories, but they do include the fact that by the time it was finished, i wasn't unhappy to see it go... it seemed to have travelled all the roads it had to travel.

Spoon said...

It's quite interesting. Having realised today how hazy my memory of the show is, and wondering if the internet has anything more on the new one, I just went to the wikipedia article to see what it could tell me. It's no wonder that when I tried to think of it all I could think was Spicks and Specks. Cos many of the segments are similar if not identical. Also it says that one source claims Mikey is back, and another claims that Julie McCrossin isn't. (I know I worded that like they were contradictory, but they're not... that's just how it is in the article.)
Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.

(ygauzol, a South American God in the form of a multi armed parrot)

Matt said...

That's true, Budge. After it moved to Channel 10 it slowly morphed into a light entertainment / variety show and a shadow of its former self.
I'm actually hoping this new show is back to the half-hour format it was originally in on the ABC.

Matt said...

And Robb, you need a picture.