Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Million Houses

In a move that will turn out to be either breathtakingly visionary or insanely foolish, K-Rudd has gone and stated the number of extra houses the nation needs. And the number is one million. Apparently.

Of course, the number itself is not important. What's amazing is the fact that he's actually gone and said it out loud

Past governments (you know who I mean) acknowledged there was a housing shortage in a "yes, yes, we know people are struggling and we're very concerned" kind of way . . . but they'd never go as far as putting an objective measure out there that they might be expected to deliver.

Sir Humphrey Applebly would have referred to such a move as courageous.

It almost makes you think K-Rudd intends to do something.

And why am I finding this so surprising? That's a little sad, surely.

The government steps up, acknowledges there's a problem and genuinely looks like they intend to do something about it . . . and I'm shocked.

And that right there, kids, is the legacy of 11 years of Coalition rule.

Make sure you remember that next time you vote.


ya Gal said...

yes, very smart arsey. . .it is so sad that when a politician actually comes through we are shocked. I continue to be impressed with the Ruddster, I also like the fact that I feel like hes taking it slow so as not to freak people out - which means he has a whole lot more up his sleeve! Now, if he could just provide true equality for LGBT partnerships, rid us of Liz and the colony shite, legalise euthansia, and take the environmental impact of industry even more seriously I may just have to start wearing a I heart Rudd tee. Oh and cancel the Logies. . .surely someone has the power to make it stop??!!! please.

Shannon said...

Breathtakingly visionary or insanely foolish? I lean towards the latter unfortunately. I fear this one could come off a bit like "no child living in poverty by 1990".

Statement and action are different... a lot of talk has to lead to action for the Ruddinator to maintain street cred.

Not to come off anti-Rudd (I voted for him, Mr. Sheen was a childhood idol after all), I just feel a little gun shy.

On the housing topic, he's touched on it before in terms of releasing Crown land for development on the fringes of our major cities... and we all know how I (and urban planners not employed by Delfin) feel about that.

I wish I could get caught up in the "Winds of Change", I really do, but I'm not.

At the end of the day I am a very selfish person (like most humans)... in the back I mind I hear myself saying "What's in this for me?" With all that has been said... and I sense will be said... I can honestly say, nothing.

Ty said...

A week without an update... is this the beginning of the end?