Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Much On Demand

I'm really starting to appreciate the much-talked about possibility that online and on-demand entertainment will replace television as we know it.

After all, why should we sit in front of inane and increasingly cheap and exploitative television, when you can be entertained by even cheaper, inaner and more exploitative stuff like YouTube . . . without the limitations of a schedule?

It's crap, but at least it's on demand.

If all you want is attention-seeking dropkicks acting like douchebags, then why commit to something like Big Brother? Apart from anything else, it's months before the final payoff. Farting pandas are done in 30 seconds.

With this in mind (actually not really this . . . we've rationalised it with high-falutin' talk about supporting new media and quality programming) my wife and I have pledged not to watch a single minute of Big Brother 2008.

So far it's worked, although there have been a couple of close calls. There was a scramble for the remote this evening when the channel innocently flicked to during the ads started up that horrible theme tune.

There's not much in it apart from the bragging rights, but quite frankly, that's enough.

I've had enough of this lowbrow manufactured controversy. That's not reality. And it's not entertainment.

Must go now. Ladette to Lady's on. Love that show.