Sunday, 11 October 2009

In Which Bill O’Reilly is a Douchebag

Apparently Bill O’Reilly thinks teaching science is science classes is fascism. Wait. What?

Dawkins makes some great points in this interview, but people not already on team Dawkins probably wouldn’t come away with any changed opinions.

The problem is a mismatch of styles. O’Reilly fights dirty. In pub-brawl terms O’Reilly’s the guy wielding a smashed bottle and ready to kick his opponent in the nuts.

Dawkins’ refined and rational debating style just doesn’t fit. There’s no reasoning with someone like that.

We need to get street fighting debaters like Christopher Hitchens or PZ Myers in there to smack O’Reilly down.

Opinions still wouldn’t be changed, but they’d do him over a treat.


Rob said...

Why would someone as intelligent and as rational as Dawkins apparently is actually agree to go on O'Reilly?
I guess the publicity, and ultimately the all powerful dollar can blind even the most rational.

Matt said...

He's got a book to promote. That's the only reason I can think of.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

He's got to pay for his trip out here next year :)

That and maybe one of those idiots that watches O'Reilly might catch some common sense.

Quick Joe Smith said...

Two problems:

First is that even if you put a psychopath like Hitchens on that show, it's still not going to convince anyone in the O'Reilly camp because they've made up their mind already.

Second is that it's only going to make atheism look bad, especially if the topic turns to foreign politics.

On the bright side, kudos for the Wondermarkesque title.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Psychopath's a bit strong hey Joe :)

catherineLd said...

O'reily - if everyone is Christian then it would be a perfect world… oh really O'reily? no priests abusing children then, huh? O'reily stop shouting at Mr Hawkins and at me! argh! *shudders.

Quick Joe Smith said...

Not if you've listened to him rant on about why we should kill our enemies after seemingly characterised most/all of the Arab world as his enemy.

Hitchens has some valid arguments, but I believe him to be a deeply unhinged human being and his influence is more dangerous than anything else.