Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Wrath of DDoS

The Rise of AtheismLast night the AFA’s Rise of Atheism website came under a denial of service attack.

When I last checked (two minutes ago) it was still down.

I feel I should be annoyed by this, but I’m not, and here’s why.

First, it’s given a whole bunch of free publicity to the Rise of Atheism conference (and please note that tickets can still be purchased here).

Second, it illustrates nicely the intellectual poverty of the enemies of freethinking and secularism.

Every religion is based on a tissue of myth and superstition, which falls to pieces when exposed to the light of reason. There’s no rational argument a believer can offer an atheist by which they might see the ‘error’ of their ways.

So given this evident truth, what are the committed theocrats to do?

The best, in fact the only, possible way to battle the advance of secularism is to intimidate, to silence, to attempt to shut it down.

They have no choice. If they didn’t do things like this, the power of religion in the world would quickly fade.

After all, reality has a well-known secular bias.


Dave ~ said...

Heh, nice.

If you read the comments on that story, they're all pretty much pro-Atheist and many commenting that NOW they know of the event, they'll be going. WIN!

It comes back to what I was saying the other day - the believers have a capital F Fear of the truth. Which is why they shut it down. Which is why we must remain vigilant and spread the word. Which is why we'll win.

Quick Joe Smith said...

The same tactic is used across the board. On Youtube, popular atheist channels are hammered with votebots that one-star videos so they are less likely to be found by searches, and are otherwise flagged as inappropriate for minors, and until recently also made the subject of frivilous DMCA claims.

It does ironically show the flexible ethics at play when one is "doing god's work". So much for an absolute moral standard.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I had to laugh at the idiots that suggested it was an inside job.