Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Tintin in glorious 3D

Word is that two of Hollywood's biggest (arguably artistically; certainly physically and financially) are going to do Tintin.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to produce a photo-realistic, motion-captured, CGI interpretation of three of the classic books.

(Which three hasn't been announced yet, but I'm tipping The Blue Lotus, The Black Island and The Crab with the Golden Claws . . . the latter because it's where we meet Captain Haddock, nicely setting up some sequels.)

Is photo-realism appropriate for Tintin? Do we really want to see Tintin's pores? The details of Snowy's muddy feet? Captain Haddock's rheumy eyes?

Part of the appeal of Tintin (for me, at least) is the simple ligne claire drawing style . . . all dark lines and flat colours. That probably wouldn't work on the big screen, but making it too real will just make it creepy, a la The Polar Express.

I'd like to see it done with a real background and 2D animated characters, Who Framed Roger Rabbit-style, but I can't see that happening, sadly.

And just who are they going to get to do the voices? Johnny Depp as Tintin . . . Geoffrey Rush as Captain Haddock. That'd be good.

I know it's Spielberg, but if anyone even mentions Tom Hanks' name I'll fucking scream.


Budge said...

agreed... what's more, the tintin books have been toonized pretty admirably already... the cartoon tv series i thought was really good.