Friday, 15 June 2007

News For Nerds

Here's some of the interesting things that got my attention this week.

The Atlantis mission is up there sticking some solar panels on the International Space Station. And they took a copy of Firefly with them. Well, you would, wouldn't you. Nothing to look at out the windows.

Now this is cool. The kilogram, which for years has been defined by a lump of metal sitting in a Paris vault, is to be redefined as the mass of a specific number of silicon atoms. My rough calc puts the number at about 21 septillion (that's 24 zeroes, kids).

Some uber-geeks are working on producing wireless electricity. Because apparently we need more electromagnetic radiation in the air.

Some new and interesting uses for mathematics this week. Now it can be used to predict the outcome of war. I wonder if we can rig the methodology so it always works out that both sides lose.

And finally . . .

A second season of Jericho has been officially confirmed after CBS caved in to formidable fan pressure. Well, it's sort of a half-second-season. Hooray.


Spoon said...


Astronauts are nerds. Who would have thought?

(actually i don't have anything snappy for the kilo thing. something about the biggest loser will occur to me too late, I'm sure.)

Wasn't that uber-geek called Nikola Tesla? Link (see I can do it too!)

Maths has been doing that since the 80s! Let me remind you of a quote:
"Hello Professor. Would you like to play a game?"

So what does Jericho have that Firefly didn't? (that was by no means a rhetorical question... I would be quite interested to know).

Actually I watched War Games on Tuesday when my ankle was too twisted to allow me to help clean up around the house. (I discovered that a 33 year old fat man can't jump 2 metres while holding a 3 year old without twisting his ankle quite severely. However my years of drinking lots at uni payed off, as I took all my "didn't spill a drop" experience and DJ was not only unharmed, but thought the whole thing hilarious.)

Anyway, between War Games and the Last Starfighter (with a little bit of Superman 3 thrown in, I guess) it's really no wonder I turned out to be the nerd that I am.

Matt said...

Wow. Did you get any footage of said event?

And in answer to your questions:
1. While Nikola is one of my personal heroes, the words "never fully operational" pop up there, and
2. Jericho has CBS and Firefly has Fox.