Sunday, 17 June 2007

Tom Black Online

Apologies for lowering the tone with that previous post. Tee hee.

In an attempt to undo the damage, the official website of Tom Black and the Caesars can now be found at

That should raise the standards a little.

Thanks to Kate for the amazing artwork.



Bianca said...

And thanks to Robb for spending hours making pictures brown (much more complex than you might think)

Spoon said...

I have a script to make pictures brown now, and it works a treat. give me a picture and in a couple of clicks I can make it fit into the colour scheme of the site.

And anyone who is keen should keep checking back there over this week, as I will be adding to the site pretty consistently. (Like now, for instance, I have just added the very wonderful history of Tom Black, as written by the equally wonderful Budge)javascript:void(0)
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Spoon said...

I swear I never typed "javascript:void(0)" in that last comment.


I do web stuff good like.

Matt said...

Yes. Apologies to Robb for failing to credit him as the mastermind behind the site.

Mea culpa. Thanks, Robb.

(That's what happens when you post a blog after spending all afternoon at the pub).