Friday, 17 August 2007

It's all about the lunches

Following my last entry, I have suffered the accusation that I'm talking too much about where I sit, and not enough about what I do.

Well then. Let me set the record straight.

As previously mentioned, I am now the reinsurance manager. I manage a small team responsible for the administration of the company's reinsurance contracts.

Now, the main purpose of reinsurance is to generate lunches for its participants.

Make no mistake. These reinsurance contracts cover millions of dollars worth of transactions annually. They are very complex, very detailed, and very difficult to administer correctly. It is therefore critical that an insurance company maintains a good working relationship with its reinsurers.

Hence, the lunches.

For example, we met with one of our reinsurers for lunch at midday today, and I got back to the office, lightly toasted, at 3.30pm. This is normal and expected. In fact, my manager saw me returning and wondered why I was back so soon.

We didn't even talk a great deal about, you know, business stuff. The conversation was mainly focused on the menu (which was extensive) and the history of the Crystal Palace soccer club.

I've decided I really like this job.

Later this month I'll be travelling up to Sydney to meet with all five of the reinsurance companies we deal with, in one day.

God help me.