Thursday, 16 August 2007

Week one almost done

I've been doing my new job for four days now.

So far it's been much the same as my previous job, mainly because my previous role is yet to be filled and I foolishly agreed to "finish a few things off". In fact, the first two days were identical to my previous job, because I didn't even move desks until Wednesday.

But it's been fun. So far.

My new desk is up on the 11th floor. Which means I'm back working amongst the guys and gals I cruelly abandoned for the mysterious realms of the Project Office last December. Happily, they bear me no ill will. In fact, it was a little like coming home.

The company's policy is that it's all open plan seating, so there's no spanky corner office for me. I do, however, have a window seat facing south to the Yarra and Crown Casino, and such spots are the prime real estate. Sadly, most of my river view is blocked by the building on the other side of Flinders Lane, so I can only see a sliver of brownish water on one side, and part of the Crown forecourt on the other.

I can also see out to the ocean if I squint a bit.

It definitely beats a window seat on the north side, where all you see is the grey tops of buildings across Collins St and you get fried by the sun every afternoon.

Conveniently, I can see the Crown gas flares from my new vantage point . . . hourly from 6pm. They're my cue that I've stayed too late and it's time to go home.

My new team is good. They seem very competent. They're certainly very quiet and very industrious. I have yet to find out precisely what it is they do, but I suppose I'll work it out eventually.


Spoon said...

Sounds like you should get "your team" some hammocks. Maybe from the hammock district.