Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tea and Sydney

Today I went to Sydney to meet with all five of the reinsurance companies we deal with. I needed to introduce myself as the new reinsurance manager, and generally schmooze. Sorry . . . "network".

And also drink an extraordinary amount of tea.

I caught a 6am flight from Tullamarine, and my first cup of tea was served on the flight.

A tailwind for the flight and light traffic into the city meant arriving at 7.50 for meeting no.1, which wasn't until 8.30. So I had a second cup of tea while waiting.

After meeting no.1 I had an hour to kill, so I called Ty. A third cup of tea (and a nice catch up) and I headed off to meeting no.2. This was held in a cafe, hence a fourth cup of tea.

Meeting no.3 was actually the obligatory free lunch, which included a very nice riesling and was followed by a fifth cup of tea.

That was pretty much the limit. I'd had enough of tea by this time. It was water for meeting no.4 and juice for meeting no.5 before heading back to the airport for the 5 o'clock flight home.

That's quite enough tea. Time for that nice lie down.


Shannon said...

Such a lot of tea in such an old man's bladder... sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!!

Anonymous said...

such an old man x