Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The countdown continues

I've been instructed to give more regular updates of the countdown to Europe. (Would that be The Final Countdown? Ba-doom-boom)

So it's now four days.

I've also been instructed never again to write anything as boring as the last entry. My most humble apologies. Hmph.

Now, I've taken Friday off from work, so I've got a couple of days free before we fly out on Sunday.

Some people at work asked me, somewhat incredulously I might add, why this was. I pointed out that I had stuff to do . . . pick up plane tickets, get some Euros, start packing, and clean up the house a bit (given that Eliza's kindly offered to come and house-sit).

But the real reason is that in this lead-up to travelling overseas, I'd just rather not be at work. I'm not focused. I've stopped caring. I'm going to meetings discussing issues that are going to bite while I'm away, and I'm staring out the window.

I still have a modicum of interest left for a couple of specific things, but come Friday, there would be absolutely no point in my being there anymore. So I won't be.

Also, I'm going to see War of the Worlds live at Rod Laver on Friday night, and I need to get psyched. So looking forward to that.

Before we fly out on Sunday, I'll post an itinerary here so those wishing to do so can keep track of where we are.

Almost there, guys. Europe awaits.


Budge said...

so does it make me a horrible geek of some description that i really enjoyed the last entry? damn.

Matt said...

Only according to Shannon.

Briallen said...

i too enjoyed the form guide. have fun in europe people. wish it was me.