Sunday, 9 September 2007

Two weeks and counting

Two weeks from today we'll be leaving for three weeks in Europe. And I can't wait.

It still doesn't seem quite real, although picking up the new luggage today (a beautiful wedding gift from Bruce & Trevor) brings it one step closer.

This trip is actually the reason I began blogging in the first place. I thought it'd be cool to keep a travel diary, and you know, didn't want to leave it til the last minute. I figured you need to get the hang of this sort of thing before you set off.

I realise that starting four months out may appear overly cautious. But I stand by my decision.

Having said that, this blog hasn't really been a recording-events-for-posterity kind of thing. It's been more of a here's-the-nerdy-thing-amusing-me-this-week kind of thing. Still, it can't be that hard, can it?

I can only aspire to the brilliance of Micky and Podge's travel diary from last year. Now there was a blog that was worth checking every day. I actually started getting mild withdrawal symptoms when they failed to update it for extended periods. My God, I would think to myself. I hope they didn't fall into that volcano!

Now, our journey will feature fewer volcanoes and more drinking by the pool, but still. I solemnly promise that I will be updating you, dear reader, every time I manage get off my arse and find a net cafe.

The updates might be daily. They might be weekly. It might be once during the layover in Singapore on the way, and once again during the layover in KL on the way home.

But whenever it is, you can be confident that it will be . . . um . . . nope, no idea.


MO said...

I'm confident it will be muy excelente, or très bon. Maybe even a bit of unglaublich fein*.


* i had to cheat on the german one.