Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ten days and waiting

I've been instructed to update the time remaining until we go.

It's now ten days.

It's odd though . . . it feels like it should be sooner. Like any major life events, once the date is set it begins to feel like nothing else matters, and all we're doing is marking time.

I've noticed this sort of thing before; like the last time we moved house, and before our wedding earlier in the year.

This effect is particularly noticeable at work. I've managed to delegate most of the tasks that are going to continue while I'm gone. The stuff I actually have to do will be done by about Tuesday. (Famous last words, of course. I hope no-one from work is reading this).

We're currently getting into the really important details of the trip. Like which movies will be showing on the flight. Fairly average pickings there, actually, with the likes of Superman 3 and Fantastic Four 2. The TV show selection looks a little more promising, with stuff like Father Ted and Welcher & Welcher. Nice.

It's only ten sleeps. But I want to go now. Right now.


Shannon said...

Hmmm... Matt by the time you got around to this it is actually closer to nine days... SINGLE DIGITS BITCHES!!!!