Friday, 19 September 2008

Later That Week

I've been a little distracted this week, hence the lack of updates here.

And it's actually been a good week for blogging. There've been so many interesting things to write about.

We've had alien signals from space, clergymen coming out and openly admitting that God probably isn't real (well, duh), the resignation of Michael Reiss (the Royal Society's Director of Eduction) over his comments about teaching creationism in science classes (actually I might still do one on that), and I finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight.

Well, I'm back now.

And the reason I've not seen fit to blog about any of this is . . . we're moving house!

We're buying a cool new place not far from where we're living now, and so have spent the entire week talking to (in no particular order) real estate agents, solicitors, bank people, land surveyors and building inspectors.

I'll try not to let the blog devolve into a blow-by-blow on the trials of moving, but it's sure to impose in some sense, particularly given that one of my major life goals right now is the acquisition of appropriately-sized cardboard boxes.

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures.

These are obviously the real estate ad shots and therefore very flatteringly lit.

It is pretty cool, but of course the main thing is it'll be great to once again live in a place where we can bash holes in the walls if we want to.
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