Saturday, 14 February 2009

Creation vs Evolution vs ???

I’ve just learnt something really interesting.

Here’s a very common belief among Creationists:

The theory of Evolution is only promoted as an explanation of the origins of life because the alternative, Creation, is just too unpalatable.

Now, what’s wrong with this sentence? Can you spot it?

That’s right: it’s the word “the”.

“The” alternative.

Just the one.

It says there’s only one possible alternative to Evolution . . . and it’s biblical Creation.

What an incredible lack of imagination these Creationists have!

There are any number of possible explanations for the origins of life.

We may have grown from the seed pods of giant plants. We may have arrived here from another planet. We may have been spat out of volcanoes fully formed by a complex chemical process. We may have evolved from more primitive species. We may have devolved from more complex species. We may even have been placed here by a multi-dimensional alien being some choose to call “God”.

The possibilities are literally endless.

Seriously, Creationists need to lay off the (biblical) fantasy and go read some science fiction.

They might learn something useful.


Sarah said...

Bags the next spot close to the giant black monolith. Evolution, here I come!