Saturday, 28 February 2009

Let Me Repeat: Homeopathy is a Scam

I wrote a while ago about the homeopathy scam and its use on poor unsuspecting animals.

That’s bad enough, but it’s even worse to use it on poor unsuspecting children.

And especially heinous is the frankly dangerous idea that homeopathy could in any way be an acceptable method of childhood vaccination.

Check out this nonsense from the Homeopathy Plus website:

Homeopathic immunisation - also known as homeoprophylaxis - is a safe and effective way to protect you and your family against childhood and other epidemic diseases.

Effective? No. Safe? Well . . .

The homeopathic immunisations are “safe” because

they are free of harmful components


have none of the adverse reactions or side-effects associated with vaccines.

That’s true. It will have no side effects.


What is not true is that homeopathic treatment will in any way protect anyone from anything.

After all, how could it?

It’s a valid question, and one that those promoting this ridiculous pseudo-science can’t even answer themselves.

Here’s their “explanation” of how it works:

The nature of potentisation is the mystery of Homeopathy. What is understood is that the potentisation process imprints energetic information from the original substance onto the diluting liquid during the stages of succussion. This liquid is then prescribed according to the Law of Similars as either drops or medicated pilules to the unwell person. They carry the energetic information into the body to trigger a self healing reaction that moves the person back to a state of health.

Notice how you get to the end of the paragraph and don’t know anything more than you did at the start?

That’s because it is nothing but utter, unadulterated nonsense.

This has got to stop.

Ripping off people who are happy to waste their money on placebos is one thing, but if this rubbish starts getting promoted as a legitimate alternative to vaccination, then we have the potential for a serious public health problem.


Sarah said...

I tried acupuncture last week. It didn't work. I know there are studies that show it's effective to some extent for pain relief but it did nada for me. At least if osteopathy is woo I'm getting a decent placebo effect out of it.

There has been a suggestion in the states that people who don't immunise their kids could be legally liable for measles etc outbreaks in their area. What do you think?

Matt said...

There was a recent study that showed randomly poking pins into people had the same effect as acupuncture administered by an expert.
Conclusion: placebo effect only.

Osteo is a bit different in that it doesn't claim the existence of energy fields or meridiens or any of that bollocks. It's more like applied anatomy. I suspect the cracking has limited usefulness (although it does feel good), but the stretches and whatnot my osteo gives me are very useful. When I remember to do them.

If you start hearing an osteo (or chiropractor) claim they can cure cancer, or if they start using the word "holistic", then back away slowly.

I hadn't heard the suggestion of legal liability for non-immunisers. It's not a bad idea, but I can't see it getting up. The anti-vax crowd can be very vocal.

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