Friday, 20 February 2009

Oscar Nibbles Part 1

The Oscars are almost here.

And I’ve obviously left it far too late for my usual bloated and self-indulgent reviews of all the films involved.

Apart from anything else, I haven’t even seen them all yet.

So here are some short reviews of some of the films nominated.

The Reader Picture, Director, Actress (Kate Winslet)

Kate WinsletI could happily watch Kate Winslet read a phone book (does that even mean anything anymore? Who uses a phone book?) so given that she spends the film getting read to, instead of reading, in this respect this film failed to make me happy.

However, she did get her tits out. That made me happy.

4 out of 5

Slumdog Millionaire Picture, Director (Danny Boyle), Cinematography

Slumdog Millionaire It’s much-feted and tipped to sweep the pool but it’s easily the weakest of the lot. Or at least, the weakest of the ones I’ve seen so far.

Little more than a tedious exercise in style over substance, it’s like Trainspotting had a simultaneous fun-ectomy and transplanted faux-social conscience.

Mr. Boyle, what were you thinking? And where the hell is 28 Months Later?

2.5 out of 5

Doubt Actress (Meryl Streep), Supporting Actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Supporting Actresses (Amy Adams and Viola Davis)

Philip Seymour Hoffman This is one of those films obviously based on a stage play so it’s all about the performances and a natural magnet for acting nominations.

Set in 1964 amidst Catholic Church upheaval in the wake of Vatican II, Doubt tells the story of a priest and a young boy.

Three guesses what it’s about.

It’s really good, though. And Philip Seymour Hoffman is awesome.

4 out of 5

More to follow.


Sarah said...

I heard a question that you might comment on: surely being nominated in a range of technical categories should make The Dark Knight eligible for a Best Director nomination?

Ty said...

ery disappointed to see a lack of The Wrestler from an Aranofsky fan. I loved it. 5/5.

Matt said...

I don't think I agree with that. But I need to think about why.

And Ty,
Patience. All will be blogged.

Kate said...

I know I sound like a broken record but its all about Rev Road...breathtaking. Kate Winslet is just amazing and the supporting turn by Michael Shannon soooooo good. The contained anger/ frustration is palpable, how can this not have be nomned for best fil-lem?? Tra-ver-sty.(and yes it truly is a fil-lem) Thank gooodness we have the frocks to distract from the very poor nomination choices this year...