Tuesday, 22 July 2008

She said she'd never forget him . . .

Sue Jones-Davies, the actress who played Judith Iscariot in Monthy Python's 1979 classic The Life of Brian has been elected Mayor of the Welsh town of Aberystwyth.

One of her first acts as Mayor will be overturn the town's almost-30-year ban on, you guessed it, The Life of Brian.

I love this story, but there are two things about it that amaze me.

First, that there's somewhere in the Western world that still has a ban on this great movie, when all but the most one-eyed of religious leaders have conceded that it's not actually blasphemous, and

Second, that the citizens of this place, clearly a conservative backwater, have happily elected a woman as Mayor who's done a full-frontal nude scene.

But then again, maybe it's just because they haven't seen the movie.
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