Thursday, 24 July 2008

Two weeks to Doomsday

In two weeks the Large Hadron Collider, a massive particle accelerator under the border of France and Switzerland, will go online.

Particle accelerators are nothing new, and the idea is simple . . . you smash particles together at insanely high speeds and see what happens.

But the LHC is so massive, and the collisions will be so violent, that apparently we risk generating a black hole, tearing the space-time continuum and destroying reality. Oooh.

Well, it just makes it that little bit more exciting, doesn't it? And hey, discovery is discovery. (I can see the debrief: "So that's how you destroy the universe. Huh.")

And anyway, so what if we tear a hole to another dimension? We've all seen Star Trek. We know how this works.

Sure it might be a dimension full of badass alien invaders intent on destroying our world and stealing our water.

But it's just as likely to be full of hot alien babes in silver jumpsuits desperate to understand this human emotion called "love".

And I for one am willing to take that chance.
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