Wednesday, 11 June 2008

And in Science News

A group of thirteen national science academies today released a joint statement calling on the Governments of the world to do more to fight climate change.

Emarassingly, Australia was not one of them.

But this is hardly surprising. We're still very behind the times with all this stuff.

It was announced today that Toyota will be producing the new hybrid Camry at their Altona plant, to begin production in 2010.

Here's my tip:

Not long after 2010 we won't be interested in hybrids anymore. The race to produce the first mass-market electric car will be well and truly on. This decision will be seen as the one that put Australia on the back foot, by encouraging our car industry to huddle under its warm and cosy Government subsidies instead of getting out there and earning its keep.

You heard it here first.


Shannon said...

The interesting thing is that Toyota where going to announce the hybrid car programme in Australia in a few months anyway... a few million dollars from the Commonwealth bought it all forward.

Millions well spent.

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