Monday, 30 June 2008

Dead Pool June Update

We're halfway through the year now and on the downhill run to the finish line.

With the scores still nil-all, it's anyone's (or possibly even no-one's) game.

The month began in a big way, with the death at 71 of legendary designer Yves Saint-Laurent on the 1st, and legendary bluesman Bo Diddley on the 2nd at age 79.

The 8th saw the death of actor Robert J. Anderson, who played the young George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life. He was also, of course, briefly immortalised in Tom Black and the Caesars' legendary video Tahoe . . . timecode 2:09 for those playing at home.

On the 10th it was reported that Paul Newman had been diagnosed with lung cancer, causing him to drop out of directing a stage version of Of Mice and Men.

On the 15th Stan Winston, Academy-award-winning special effects genius behind the Terminator films, Predator and AI: Artificial Intelligence. His swansong was the truly excellent Iron Man, so he definitely went out on a high note.

The 17th saw the death of actress and dancer Cyd Charisse, after a heart attack the day before. She was 86.

On the 18th Fidel Castro appeared on an official video, again putting to rest rumours that he kicked it two years ago. Many remain unconvinced.

On the 21st puppeteer Kermit Love, longtime associate of Jim Henson and designer of both Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus passed away at the age of 91. Astonishingly, his name is just a coincidence.

On the 22nd Jane McGrath, wife of cricketer Glenn McGrath, passed away after complications from cancer surgery. She was 42.

Finally, and also on the 22nd, legendary comedian George Carlin died of heart failure at the age of 71. He will be sadly missed, but his influence on the world of comedy, and his seven words, will live forever.
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