Monday, 23 June 2008

Space Classics

Hamer Hall, Melbourne.

Saturday night saw a performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra of their Space Classics programme, celebrating the music of Space . . . mainly space movies.

There were nerds dressed as stormtroopers, and one as Darth Vader, wandering around the foyer when we arrived. And that was a portent of things to come.

After opening with Thus Spake Zarathustra from 2001, we went straight into the theme from Star Wars, from whence it more or less turned into the John Williams variety hour.

However, Williams' bombastic brass (Close Encounters, E.T., Superman and yet more Star Wars) was occasionally interrupted for selections from Holst's beautiful Planets suite, some themes from Star Trek (although not Voyager, much to my wife's dismay) and an awkward bit of audience participation on Thunderbirds are Go!!

It was all highly entertaining, and it is great to see this sort of music played live by a world-class orchestra.

Even the Star Wars theme, which we think we know so well, is revealed in all its complex glory when detached from the images of that Star Destroyer and R2D2 and C-3PO running through the halls.

Magical stuff, although we could have done without the stormtroopers standing in front of the stage eyeballing the audience at the end.

That was just a bit weird.


Spoon said...

Cool. We have a CD called "Music From The Galaxies" which is the London Symphony doing muyh the same thing. I pull it out every now and then at work. It's a great ambient listen.

Bianca said...

And because it was open in Itunes I'm listening to it right now. Thank you to both Matt and Robb. *grin*

Shannon said...

I still prefer Hooked on Classics...

Second Flautist said...

We should have told you guys about it - the boys would have loved it too!. . .scary thing was we had a conductor with a personality. He counted in the Thunderbirds theme and had costume changes. It was a hoot. . . Shan and Eliza enjoyed it more than they were willing to admit, though the champagne may have helped!