Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Witty Blog Title

For the last couple of days my lovely wife has been in Cape Town, South Africa, presenting some of her design work to various bigwigs and making quite the impression.

Apparently the words "world class presentation" are being bandied about. Well done, babe.

While stuck here in Melbourne, I've had at least one (well, one) text asking why I've not blogged yet, given the scads of free time I obviously have.

Well Shannon, of course I had every intention of using this time productively, and blogging at least once a day. But obviously I've found better things to do.

And this is what they are:

On Monday after I drove Kate to the airport I came home and finished a jigsaw. It's another one of those picture-on-the-box-doesn't-match-the-picture-on-the-puzzle jobbies.

So for posterity and to prove that I finished it, the picture on the box is this:

And the puzzle picture is this:

The second picture is the same scene 50 years on. Or after a geriatric bomb exploded. Oh, the hilarity.

On Monday night I played Guitar Hero with Toby from next door. Toby, of course, being a professional musician in an ARIA award winning band, but I still managed to wipe the floor with him.

This just goes to prove that Guitar Hero is not about playing music.

Furthermore, speaking as someone who has played both the guitar and the piano accordion in real life, I can say authoritatively that Guitar Hero is more like the accordion.

So it's definitely not about playing music.

Then last night Spoon and I went to see The Chaser's Age of Terror Variety Hour at the Athenaeum. Great show. Review to follow.

After the show we had beers in a couple of pubs and argued about the sort of stuff we usually restrict to blog comments. It was very entertaining, and I'm sorry you all had to miss it.

It was nice to do it face to face, but part of me missed the exhibitionism of doing it in a public forum.

For God's sake don't read that last sentence in isolation. Context is important.

Happy now?


Shannon said...

Thanks Matt...

At least you have been keeping busy.

I have also had excessive free time lately (being between jobs) and what have I done? I have taken every item of clothing out of my wardrobe and draws refolded and rehung it all and put it back. I then started to colour block my shirts when I realised it has all gone to far and walked away!

You are so much cooler than I. You where going out and doing stuff with your extra time… whilst I indulged my OCD.